MYFest is Back for 2023

Hello 🙂 Welcome to #MYFest23

The “Mid-Year Festival” (MYFest) is returning in 2023 as a “recharge and renewal experience” exploring:

  • open educational practices, Artificial Intelligence and digital literacies
  • critical pedagogy and socially just education
  • community building and community reflection
  • wellbeing and joy
  • emergent themes and formats

Equity Unbound will host this open education festival experience virtually throughout June, July & August 2023. This site is still emerging (a work-in-progress) but the full experience of MYFest 2022 has been saved as an archive.

We organize our events with the ethos of Intentionally Equitable Hospitality (IEH), which is a praxis that means our organizers and facilitators take seriously their responsibility to intentionally create spaces that feel welcoming to everyone, especially those farthest from justice. Read about how we designed MYFest22 with Intentionally Equitable Hospitality in this Inside Higher Ed article, or this briefer version of it.

Read more about IEH in this article, this book chapter from 2022 and another chapter 2023.